As you march forth into the heart of battle, know that your valor and dedication shall be recognized. Through your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to the cause of Super Earth, you shall ascend the ranks and earn prestigious titles befitting your heroic deeds.

From the humble beginnings of a Cadet, you shall prove your unwavering commitment to the cause, proving your mettle on the battlefield and demonstrating your prowess as a true defender of humanity. Each title, earned through feats of bravery and skill, marks another milestone in your journey to greatness. Let the galaxy tremble at the might of your name!


Starting title

Space Cadet

Level 5


Level 10

Master Sergeant

Level 15


Level 20

Space Chief Prime

Level 25

Death Captain

Level 30


Level 35

Star Marshal

Level 40


Level 45

Skull Admiral

Level 50

Fleet Admiral

Level 60

Admirable Admiral

Level 70


Level 80

Galactic Commander

Level 90

Hell Commander

Level 100


Level 110

5-Star General

Level 120

10-Star General

Level 130


Level 140

Super Private

Level 150

Super Citizen

Show your unwavering commitment to the cause by obtaining the Super Citizen package.