Terminid Charger

Bestiary / Terminids


The Charger presents a formidable threat on the battlefield, boasting a meter-thick exoskeleton that renders it nearly impervious to conventional weaponry. Its hulking frame and swift movements make it a daunting adversary, capable of unleashing devastating charges against unsuspecting Helldivers. There are two variants of the Charger, believed to be a male and female variants, but no mating patterns have been observed. The "bull" appears to be more heavily armored, but in practice they are equal in resillience, strength, and intelligence.

Battlefield Tactics

Their armor is next to impenetrable, but as is customary with bugs, their biggest weakness is their head. A well aim shot of heavy artillery will instantly take them out. Otherwise target their legs with heavy armor-piercing weapons or explosives to reveal their weak spots. Keep your distance, use obstacles, and coordinate with your squadmates to outmaneuver these armored behemoths.

When facing down a Charger, forget subtlety and finesse - this is a battle of brute force and rapid response. Chargers are the armored juggernauts of the Terminid horde, bulldozing their way through anything that stands in their path.

Your best bet for taking down these armored monstrosities? Aim for the head for the big guns. A well placed heavy explosive round will instantly send them to bug heaven. If you didn't bring your glassses, instead aim for their legs with your heaviest armor-piercing weaponry and blast away until you see sparks fly. Break through their armored plating, and you'll reveal the juicy bits underneath - aim for those, and you'll be sending these oversized bugs back to the scrap heap in no time.

But if you're short on anti-armor firepower, fear not - explosives are your best friend. Lob a grenade or call in an airstrike to create weak spots in their tough exterior, then unload everything you've got into those chinks in their armor. It's like cracking open a nut - if the nut was the size of a small tank and wanted to crush you into paste.

Remember, when tangling with Chargers, it's all about staying one step ahead of their thunderous charges. Keep your distance, use obstacles to your advantage, and work together with your squadmates to outmaneuver these armored behemoths. And whatever you do, don't let them get too close - you'll regret it faster than you can say "bug squashed."

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