Automaton Dropship

Bestiary / Automatons


Packed to the brim with robotic infantry, Dropships serve as the vanguard of the Automatons' relentless assault, conducting rapid deployment of advanced and mechanized units to reinforce their positions on the battlefield. These imposing vessels loom ominously over the battlefield, their sleek and streamlined design hinting at the formidable firepower they carry within.

Battlefield Tactics

Target their thrusters with high-caliber weaponry to ground them swiftly, but beware of the ensuing explosion.

Confronting Dropships demands impeccable timing and cunning strategy. Crafted for swift deployment, these formidable vessels lack an obvious Achilles' heel, necessitating Helldivers to employ ingenuity to neutralize them and halt the influx of additional Automaton soldiers.

Taking aim at the thrusters with high-caliber weaponry like the recoilless rifle or disposable anti-tank ordnance can swiftly ground the Dropship, causing it to plummet and potentially squash any Automatons onboard. Yet, caution is paramount to evade the ensuing explosion or being pinned beneath the wreckage.

Alternatively, intercepting the Dropship before it disgorges its payload by targeting the bots during its deployment sequence can disrupt its mission and obstruct reinforcements from joining the fray. Utilize explosive ordnance to hasten the process, but remain wary of the hazards inherent in engaging the Dropship up close.

When confronting Dropships, prioritize coordination and communication with your comrades to maximize your efficacy and minimize the peril they pose. By pinpointing their vulnerabilities and deploying strategic maneuvers, you can thwart the Automatons' endeavors to fortify their positions and secure triumphant glory for Super Earth.

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