Stratagems /  Support Weapons
Cost: 6,000

The FLAM-40 Flamethrower is a weapon of fiery destruction, perfect for scorching enemies at close range. With its incendiary power, this weapon doesn't just burn targets - it turns them into crispy critters faster than you can say "extra crispy."

But beware, soldier, the FLAM-40 doesn't discriminate - it'll ignite anything and everything in its path, including terrain and, yes, even your flammable teammates. So, wield this weapon with caution and keep your distance from anything you'd rather not see engulfed in flames.

So, when the flames of democracy meet the inferno of the FLAM-40 Flamethrower, even the most ardent enemies of liberty will find themselves roasted to a crisp. Remember, nothing says "freedom" like a well-cooked bug!

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