Bile Spewer

Terminid Bile Spewer

Bestiary / Terminids


The grotesque Bile Spewer is a product of catastrophic chemical spills on Terminid E-710 farms, its bloated thorax brimming with corrosive acids ready to unleash upon encountering the forces of Democracy. These repugnant adversaries exude an aura of toxicity, their vile bile capable of dissolving even the hardiest of armor.

Battlefield Tactics

Neutralize Bile Spewers swiftly by targeting their vulnerable spots with explosives or aiming for their heads. Be wary of their corrosive attacks and mortar mode from a distance

Bile Spewers pose a significant threat to Helldivers, relentlessly bombarding their targets with streams of corrosive bile from a distance. Their acidic attacks can inflict substantial damage and hinder the movement of their adversaries, making them formidable adversaries on the battlefield.

Nursing Spewers

Targeting the back of Bile Spewers with explosives or aiming for their heads is the most effective method of neutralizing these noxious foes. Explosives and armor-piercing ammunition can exploit their vulnerabilities and swiftly dispatch them.

A well-placed grenade or railgun shot to the head can often incapacitate or eliminate Spewers with ease, while high-explosive rounds from a grenade launcher can neutralize them in just a few shots.

Bile Spewer

A more threatening Spewer variant, the Bile Spewer, possess similar traits but exhibit increased tracking and damage on their attacks. As well as vastly improved resillience to light ammunition.

It is imperative to remain vigilant, as Bile Spewers can transition into mortar mode when positioned at a distance, unleashing volleys of acidic projectiles capable of devastating Helldivers caught in their path.

Engaging Bile Spewers demands precision and agility, as their highly corrosive attacks and chitinous armor pose significant challenges to Helldivers. Prioritize targeting their vulnerable abdomens and employ rapid-fire weaponry, explosives, and high-impact ordnance to neutralize these noxious adversaries and secure victory for Super Earth.

Rare White Spewers present an unknown challenge to Helldivers, requiring further study to ascertain their capabilities.

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