Scout Strider

Automaton Scout Strider

Bestiary / Automatons


A walking fortress operated by a lesser machine, guided by the crude intelligence of an Automaton Trooper. Towering above the battlefield, its boxy armor plating serves as a formidable barrier against enemy fire, concealing the Trooper within as it rains death upon its foes with relentless efficiency. Despite its imposing presence, the Scout Strider is but another futile attempt by the Automaton faction to grasp true intelligence, a twisted reflection of their ceaseless pursuit of dominance.

Battlefield Tactics

Target the Trooper manning the turret or dismantle the legs to immobilize them. Coordinate with your team to unleash coordinated assaults and exploit their vulnerabilities. Their slow turning speed is easily exploited when working together.

Locking horns with Scout Striders demands a blend of strategic wizardry and unyielding firepower. Their armored hide and menacing turret make them a force to be reckoned with, capable of raining down a hail of bullets on unsuspecting Helldivers. To thwart this menace, seek refuge behind cover and unleash armor-piercing ordnance to pierce their defenses and silence the Trooper within.

Exploit their Achilles' heels with surgical precision. Targeting the hapless Trooper manning the turret is a guaranteed method to cripple the Scout Strider, stripping it of its primary offensive punch. Navigate the battlefield with finesse, leveraging elevated terrain to secure a clear shot and deliver crushing headshots to the hapless pilot. Alternatively, focus your firepower on dismantling the Scout Strider's legs, immobilizing it and leaving it ripe for the picking. Armaments like the Anti-Material Rifle or Machine Gun excel in delivering pinpoint, armor-piercing blows to disassemble the mechanical behemoth piece by piece.

Harness the power of teamwork and coordination to unleash a devastating barrage against Scout Striders. Deploy explosives and anti-armor weaponry to unleash ferocious assaults that exploit their vulnerabilities and tip the scales of battle in your favor. Remember, triumphing over the Scout Striders demands more than sheer brawn; it requires tactical finesse to outmaneuver these formidable adversaries and secure glory for Super Earth.

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