Automaton Trooper

Bestiary / Automatons


Troopers epitomize the heartless fusion of man and machine, a grotesque testament to the Automaton faction's relentless pursuit of destruction. Standing tall in their cold, mechanical exoskeletons, they resemble twisted mockeries of human soldiers, their once-human forms now encased in cold steel and unfeeling circuits. Their expressionless visages betray no emotion, their lifeless eyes scanning the battlefield with ruthless efficiency. Armed with sleek assault rifles, they move with mechanical precision, each step a symphony of calculated violence.

Battlefield Tactics

Target their exposed heads for maximum damage and intercept their calls for backup to maintain the upper hand. Use the environment to your advantage, taking cover and employing guerrilla tactics to outsmart them. Grenades are your best friend for disrupting clusters of Troopers and causing chaos.

Engaging Troopers demands a blend of sharp wit and lethal precision. Their weak points lie exposed in the form of their heads; target these vulnerable areas to dispatch them with maximum efficiency. Keep a keen eye on their movements, anticipating their attempts to call in reinforcements. Intercept their distress signals swiftly, denying them the chance to bolster their ranks and turning the tide of battle in our favor.

Utilize the environment to your advantage, seeking cover and employing guerrilla tactics to outmaneuver these relentless adversaries. Grenades prove invaluable in disrupting clusters of Troopers, unleashing fiery chaos amidst their ranks and sowing confusion in their mechanical minds.

Recommended Stratagems