Terminid Warrior

Bestiary / Terminids


Warriors embody a relentless pursuit of mindless expansion and destruction. Their presence and armored exoskeletons evoke primal fear, serving as a chilling testament to the savagery of the Terminid swarm. With razor-sharp claws and menacing stature, they loom ominously over the battlefield, instilling terror in all who dare oppose their insatiable hunger for conquest.

Battlefield Tactics

Precision is paramount. Aim for weak spots beneath their armor or target their distinctive features for maximum effect. Employ shotguns or armor-piercing weapons to strip away defenses and expose vulnerabilities. And always be prepared for the explosive demise of a Bile Warrior, avoiding the resulting bile blast at all costs.

Basic Warrior

The quintessential foot soldier of the Terminid horde, the Basic Warrior, though lightly armored, poses a significant threat in numbers. Agile and relentless, it charges forth with single-minded determination, its clawed appendages poised to rend flesh and bone. Utilizing its burrowing ability, it can emerge from beneath the earth to launch surprise attacks, catching unwary Helldivers off guard.

Target the soft spots beneath its formidable shell or aim for a direct strike to the face to maximize damage. Alternatively, employ shotguns or armor-piercing weaponry to strip away its defenses and expose vulnerable areas.

Exercise caution when engaging in close quarters, as destroying its head triggers a brief berserker state, increasing its attack speed and aggression. Maintain distance to mitigate the risk posed by this volatile reaction.

Bile Warrior

A twisted variant of its basic counterpart, the Bile Warrior presents a deadly threat with its ability to unleash corrosive bile upon death. It shares the traits of the Basic Warrior but distinguishes itself with its volatile demise, releasing a noxious explosion of bile upon termination. Exercise extreme caution to avoid being caught in the resulting blast radius.

Identified by its distinct yellow-orange bile sack, target this vulnerable area to expedite its demise while minimizing the risk of collateral damage from its explosive demise.

Hive Guard

As guardians of the Terminid hive, Hive Guards stand as stalwart sentinels, their armored forms serving as bastions of defense against would-be intruders. They exhibit enhanced armor and defensive capabilities compared to their lesser brethren.

When under fire, Hive Guards adopt a defensive stance, hunkering down to minimize vulnerability. Exploit gaps in their armor or utilize armor-piercing weaponry to bypass their formidable defenses.

Consider flanking maneuvers or coordinated assaults with squadmates to exploit vulnerabilities in their armor and neutralize them with maximum efficiency. Alternatively, strategic retreat may be warranted when faced with overwhelming opposition.

Recommended Stratagems