Automaton Berserker

Bestiary / Automatons


A primitive actualization of barbarity, the Berserker epitomizes the Automaton faction's relentless pursuit of brutality. Each chainsaw arm houses a CPU programmed with a singular objective: to close the space between saw and target with ruthless efficiency. Towering over the battlefield, its mechanical form exudes an aura of primal aggression, its movements driven by an insatiable hunger for destruction.

Battlefield Tactics

Keep your distance to evade their brutal melee assaults, while peppering them with ranged firepower to weaken their armor. Target their head or exposed belly with precision strikes to maximize damage. Focus on disabling their chainsaw arms to neutralize their primary threat.

Dancing with Berserkers demands a delicate balance of caution and ferocity. While lumbering compared to their Automaton brethren, they compensate with bone-crushing melee assaults that can swiftly overwhelm unsuspecting Helldivers. Keep your distance to evade their brutal onslaughts, peppering them with ranged firepower to whittle away at their imposing armor.

Pinpoint their soft spots and exploit them with surgical precision. Take aim at their noggin or the exposed belly to unleash maximum carnage, employing shotgun blasts, grenades, or armor-piercing weaponry to pierce their defenses and bring them crashing down.

Render their chainsaw arms useless to neutralize their primary threat. Focus your fire on their appendages, employing armor-piercing munitions to sever their limbs and hobble their offensive prowess.

When facing down Berserkers, teamwork and coordination are paramount to overcoming their formidable resilience. Concentrate your firepower on vulnerable points and unleash an unrelenting barrage of attacks to keep them on the back foot. With cunning strategy and bold action, victory against the Berserkers is well within grasp, securing yet another triumph for the glory of Super Earth.

Recommended Stratagems