Terminid Scavenger

Bestiary / Terminids


The lowliest of the Terminids, the Scavenger embodies mindless aggression and blind obedience to the hive's insatiable appetite for destruction. With a physique reminiscent of a prehistoric nightmare, this insectoid menace scuttles forth with reckless abandon, its presence heralded by a shrill shriek that beckons its brethren to swarm and overwhelm any who dare oppose the hive.

Battlefield Tactics

Don't underestimate their numbers. Whether you're facing Basic Scavengers, Juvenile Bile Spitters, or agile Hoppers, swift elimination is key. Focus your fire to prevent being overwhelmed and secure victory for Super Earth!

Basic Scavenger

These Basic Scavengers may seem primitive, but don't underestimate them, its strength lies in numbers, as even a modest swarm can swiftly dispatch unwary Helldivers. Despite its diminutive stature, it boasts surprising resilience, capable of felling a Helldiver with a mere handful of strikes.

Bile Spitter

Ah, the juvenile Bile Spitter, still in its larval stage, it's armed with a short-range bile-spit in addition to its claws. This nasty little critter's job is to ensnare and slow down its prey, making it easier for the rest of the swarm to close in. You'll often see them patrolling alongside other young horrors, casting a shadow of dread wherever they go.


Young and agile, the Hopper, akin to a fledgling Hunter, bounds across the battlefield in the early stages of conflict and beyond. Blessed with a remarkable leaping ability, it traverses vast distances with ease, posing a modestly elevated threat due to its mobility. Despite its prowess, it remains susceptible to disciplined Helldivers who meet it with unwavering resolve.

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