Autocannon Sentry

Stratagems /  Robotics Workshop
Cost: 6,000

Behold the Autocannon Sentry, a sentinel of thunderous might, whose rapid-fire barrage paints the skies with trails of explosive light. In the crucible of battle, it stands as a beacon of defiance, its fiery salvoes heralding the triumph of liberty's alliance. With each resounding boom, it shatters the chains of oppression, carving pathways to freedom with relentless aggression.

In its relentless fury, armored titans tremble and falter, as torrents of explosive wrath rend their defenses asunder. Yet not only the mighty fall before its thunderous call, but also the hordes of tyranny, scattered and cleft by its explosive ballet.

Thus, amidst the chaos of war, the Autocannon Sentry reigns supreme, a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dare to dream. With each detonation, it sings the anthem of freedom's ascent, forging a path to victory where democracy's light shines ever resplendent.

Stratagem Practice

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