Terminid Shrieker

Bestiary / Terminids


Just as our research had foretold, we've detected flying bugs. These monstrosities are incredibly territorial and will hunt down anyone daring to get close to their outcoves. Their large wings make them easy, yet fast moving, targets, so stay on the look out.

Battlefield Tactics

These demonic bugs hide out in their nests until they sense their pray nearby. Luckily these nests can be spotted from the other side of the planet, sticking out like a Christmas tree on a beach holiday. Long distance heavy weaponary will demolish their homes before they hunt you down.

When you do come close to their nests they release their inhabitants in droves, hoping to overwhelm you. But as it happens the weak flesh of these bugs is no match to even the lightest bullets. Aim for their wings to quickly take them out of the skies. Arm yourselves with weaponry capable of mowing down hordes, and you'll make short work of these nasty creatures. But watch out, their limp bodies still pack a punch as they hit the ground.

If push comes to shove, we'll deploy a Hellbomb at the base of their nests, blasting them to kingdom come in one fiery explosion that signals that Democracy will always prevail.

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