Automaton Commissar

Bestiary / Automatons


The Commissar embodies a crude imitation of military leadership, its mechanical form augmented with slightly faster processing and a rudimentary command subroutine. Standing apart from the frontline combat, it exudes an air of despicable cowardice, devoid of any semblance of sentience.

Battlefield Tactics

When spotting a group of Automatons try to spot the Commissar before engaging. Taking them out early is vital in preventing them from calling in reinforcements. Beware its agile jetpack and lethal blades in combat.

Confronting a Commissar demands strategic finesse and lightning-fast reflexes. Understand its nefarious role as a commander, orchestrating reinforcements to bolster the Automaton ranks. Intercept its distress signals with ruthless efficiency, throwing a wrench in its gears and seizing control of the battlefield.

Beware the Commissar's knack for hurling grenades at Helldivers, a lethal gambit that demands nerves of steel and lightning-quick reactions. Brave Helldivers may snatch these explosive gifts from the air, turning the tables on their metallic adversaries and showcasing our ingenuity in the face of adversity.

As the conflict escalates, so too does the Commissar's arsenal. At more evolved stages it unveils a devastating secondary ranged onslaught, engulfing Helldivers in fiery retribution. Anticipate this treacherous assault and maneuver with precision to minimize casualties and retain control of the field.

While the Commissar may prefer to keep its distance, it won't hesitate to close in for the kill once the frontline troops have been dealt with. Employ ranged weaponry to target its vulnerable spots, aiming for headshots to dispatch it with swift efficiency.

However, exercise caution in the face of its relentless pursuit, facilitated by a jetpack that grants it unparalleled agility across the battlefield. Avoid engaging in close-quarters combat whenever possible, as its dual blades pose a grave threat to unwary Helldivers.

Remember, the Commissar's ability to summon Bot Drops is a potent tool that must be countered with unwavering resolve. By disrupting this vital function, we strike a decisive blow against the Automaton scourge and pave the path to victory in the name of Super Earth.

Recommended Stratagems