Bile Titan

Terminid Bile Titan

Bestiary / Terminids


Prepare yourselves, Helldivers, for the ultimate test of courage and firepower - the monstrous Bile Titan. This towering bug, resembling a grotesque amalgamation of arachnid and nightmare, strides across the battlefield on four enormous legs, casting a sinister shadow over all who dare to oppose it. Its chitinous exoskeleton gleams with a sickly sheen, adorned with jagged spikes that serve as a grim reminder of its deadly capabilities.

Battlefield Tactics

These massive bugs are no joke, with acid attacks that can melt through anything in their path. Stay back, coordinate with your team, and use the terrain to your advantage. Aim for its mouth and vulnerable sacs to deal maximum damage.

Engaging a Bile Titan is not for the faint of heart, nor the ill-prepared. These behemoths of bugkind are among the toughest enemies you'll face, their massive frames and relentless attacks posing a formidable challenge to even the most seasoned Helldivers.

But fear not, for where there's a will, there's a way - and with the right strategy, even the mightiest Titan can be brought to its knees. When confronting one of these hulking monstrosities, remember the following:

  • Keep Your Distance: The Bile Titan's acid attacks are devastating, capable of melting through armor and flesh alike. Maintain a safe distance at all times, and avoid getting caught in the crossfire.
  • Coordinate with Your Teammates: Bait the Titan and work together to exploit its weaknesses. While it's focused on one Helldiver, the others can target its vulnerable spots and chip away at its armor.
  • Use the Terrain to Your Advantage: Seek cover behind rocks, buildings, and other obstacles to evade the Titan's attacks. High ground can also give you a strategic advantage, allowing you to rain down fire from above while staying out of harm's way.

As for targeting the Titan's weak spots, aim for its mouth and the vulnerable sacs beneath its body. These are the points where its armor is thinnest, making them prime targets for your firepower. Utilize anti-tank weapons, explosives, and precision stratagems to maximize your damage and bring the Titan to its knees.

Recommended Stratagems