Automaton Devastator

Bestiary / Automatons


The ironclad Devastator embodies the relentless might of the Automaton faction, a formidable adversary armed with a diverse array of heinous weaponry. From arm-cannons to arm-shields, arm-machine guns, and shoulder-mounted multiple rocket launchers, it stands as a formidable sentinel of the Automatons' totalitarian worldview. Clad in medium armor, its mechanical form exudes an aura of unyielding aggression, each movement a testament to its unwavering dedication to crushing all opposition.

Battlefield Tactics

Despite their slow pace, they pack a punch with heavy weaponry. Target their weak points, like their heads or their legs, with high-caliber weapons to take them down quickly. Disrupt their offensive by aiming for their limbs.

Engaging Devastators demands a combination of precision and strategic finesse. While slower than other Automatons, they compensate with an arsenal of devastating weaponry capable of decimating Helldiver ranks with ruthless efficiency. Identify their weak points and exploit them with surgical precision, utilizing high-caliber weaponry to penetrate their armor and neutralize the threat they pose.

Focus your firepower on their exposed heads, the sole vulnerability in their formidable armor plating. Aim for headshots to swiftly incapacitate them, depriving them of their leadership and turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Disrupt their offensive capabilities by targeting their limbs, utilizing explosives and heavy weaponry to disable their armaments and cripple their combat effectiveness. Prioritize teamwork and coordination to maximize your effectiveness against these formidable adversaries, coordinating your attacks to overwhelm them and secure victory for Super Earth.

Additionally, taking down their legs is another sure way to get them to stop their approach. They will simply fall over and die. Who designed these things?

Recommended Stratagems