Automaton Hulk

Bestiary / Automatons


As with all Automaton units, the plodding Hulk epitomizes brute force and relentless aggression, its towering form bristling with heavy weaponry designed for maximum destruction. From autocannons and rocket launchers to flamethrowers and buzzsaws, it stands as a formidable sentinel of the Automatons' relentless pursuit of dominance. Clad in heavy armor plating, its mechanical form exudes an aura of unyielding aggression, each step a thunderous proclamation of its unwavering dedication to crushing all opposition.

Battlefield Tactics

Target their weak spots with high-caliber ordnance to breach their armor. Focus on their exposed craniums for swift incapacitation. Disrupt their offensive capabilities by targeting their appendages. If all else fails, bring the big guns!

Entangling with Devastators demands a blend of surgical precision and tactical cunning. Despite their lumbering gait, they compensate with a terrifying array of weaponry capable of decimating Helldiver ranks with chilling efficiency. Pinpoint their weak spots and exploit them with the finesse of a surgeon, deploying high-caliber ordnance to breach their armor and neutralize the threat they present.

Concentrate your firepower on their exposed craniums, the sole chink in their formidable armor plating. Deliver headshots with pinpoint accuracy to swiftly incapacitate them, robbing them of their leadership and shifting the battle's momentum in your favor.

Disrupt their offensive capabilities by targeting their appendages, employing explosives and heavy weaponry to dismantle their armaments and undermine their combat prowess. Prioritize teamwork and coordination to maximize your efficacy against these formidable adversaries, orchestrating synchronized assaults to overwhelm them and secure victory for the cause of Super Earth.

Recommended Stratagems