Amidst the chaos of battle, amidst the thunderous roar of conflict, we stand as one, united in purpose, bound by the sacred oath of liberty's champions. For every Helldiver who has fallen, for every comrade lost in the crucible of war, their memory shall be etched in the annals of heroism, their valor a beacon that guides us through the darkest of nights.

With each Reinforce beacon that pierces the heavens, we pay homage to those who have gone before us, their spirits soaring alongside our resolve, their sacrifice a testament to the unwavering spirit of democracy's defenders. Though they may be gone from our sight, their legacy lives on in the hearts of every Helldiver who takes up arms in their name, their courage fueling our relentless pursuit of freedom's dawn.

As we call forth new recruits to join our ranks, we do so with reverence and solemnity, for we know that every Helldiver who stands upon the battlefield carries with them the indomitable spirit of those who have fallen, their sacrifice a clarion call to arms that echoes across the stars. Let us honor their memory with each step we take, with each victory we claim, for in doing so, we ensure that their sacrifice was not in vain, that their legacy endures in the triumph of democracy's righteous cause.

Stratagem Practice

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