The Eagle represents the pinnacle of aerial firepower, delivering devastating strikes from above to crush our enemies beneath the heel of justice. These strategems are deployed from the Eagle strike craft, a fearsome machine of war that prowls the skies, raining destruction upon our adversaries with unparalleled precision and power.

From strafing runs to precision airstrikes, the Eagle category offers a diverse array of weapons and tactics to suit any battlefield scenario. Whether it's clearing small targets with a hail of bullets or obliterating fortified positions with a massive bomb, the Eagle is always ready to answer the call of duty and deliver justice from above.

But the true strength of the Eagle lies not just in its firepower, but in its versatility. With short cooldowns and multiple charges, Eagle strategems can be deployed rapidly and repeatedly, allowing us to maintain constant pressure on the enemy and keep them on the back foot at all times.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. The destructive force unleashed by the Eagle can wreak havoc on both friend and foe alike if not used judiciously. It's imperative that we exercise caution and precision when calling in these strikes, ensuring that our firepower is directed towards our enemies and not our allies.