In our never-ending battle against the relentless Terminid menace, Helldivers must stay sharp at all times. These insectoid adversaries come in all shapes and sizes, each packing its own set of deadly tricks. From the ferocious Warriors, with their razor-sharp claws and armored shells, to the cunning Stalkers, masters of deception lurking within the shadows, no encounter with the Terminids is without peril.

Bile Spewers, brimming with corrosive bile, unleash devastating attacks that can decimate entire squads, while Chargers, with their meter-thick exoskeletons, charge forth with unstoppable force, requiring swift evasive maneuvers to evade their deadly assaults.

Brood Commanders, directing their foul brethren with authoritarian shrieks, bring forth swarms of relentless attackers, while Bile Titans, the largest known strain, pose a formidable challenge, requiring heavy-duty weaponry and precise tactics to overcome.

Amidst this array of formidable foes, Helldivers must rely on their training, teamwork, and unwavering determination to secure victory for Super Earth. Only through steadfast resolve and unyielding courage can the menace of the Terminids be vanquished, ensuring the survival of humanity against the relentless onslaught of the insectoid horde.

Enemy types