Automaton Tank

Bestiary / Automatons


Modeled after Super Earth tank designs, the Automaton Annihilator Tank stands as a crude imitation of its Super Earth counterpart, albeit plainly inferior in numerous aspects. Its bulky frame and slow-turning turret evoke a sense of outdated menace, a relic of a bygone era repurposed for the Automatons' relentless pursuit of domination.

Battlefield Tactics

Target it's engines and vents to inflict maximum damage. Their slow speed and reaction times makes them vulnerable to coordinated attacks. Draw out their fire by ducking in and out of cover.

Taking on Annihilator Tanks demands a blend of nimbleness and overwhelming firepower. These lumbering behemoths of destruction pose a dire threat to Super Earth's forces, capable of unleashing devastating barrages of heavy firepower with chilling efficiency. Identify their Achilles' heels and exploit them with the precision of a surgeon, deploying high-caliber weaponry and strategic positioning to neutralize the menace they embody.

Concentrate your firepower on the vulnerable points on the tank's hull and turret, targeting the exposed vents and weak top armor to inflict maximum devastation. Employ explosives and armor-piercing munitions to breach their formidable armor plating, coordinating your assaults to overwhelm them and secure victory for Super Earth.

Execute evasive maneuvers to dodge their relentless barrage, utilizing physical cover to evade their cannon and machine gun salvos. Seize the opportunity presented by their sluggish mobility to outmaneuver them, exploiting cover and prone stances to minimize exposure to their unyielding onslaught.

Leverage a diverse arsenal of Stratagems and weaponry to exploit their weaknesses, combining anti-armor support weapons with explosive ordinance to swiftly dismantle their formidable defenses. Prioritize teamwork and coordination to maximize your efficacy against these formidable adversaries, orchestrating synchronized assaults to overwhelm them and ensure triumph for Super Earth.

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