Machine Gun

Behold, soldier, the mighty MG-43 Machine Gun - a weapon fit for heroes and hotheads alike. This trusty companion is your ticket to glory on the battlefield, but beware, for with great power comes great responsibility (and a hefty kickback).

Now, let's talk tactics. The MG-43 is your go-to for those "oh crap" moments when you're faced with bug breach hordes or pesky large enemies. But here's the catch - ammo is scarce, so it's like momma always said: "Use it wisely, or you'll be walking home."

When it comes to accuracy and control, remember this mantra: "Stationary is the new black." Plant your feet, soldier, and watch as your shots hit the mark with precision. And if you really want to show those bugs who's boss, get low - crouch for stability or go full commando and hit the dirt for maximum accuracy.

Now, about armor penetration - the MG-43 may not cut through armor like a hot knife through butter, but it'll sure give those enemies a run for their money. So when you see a tough bug or a sturdy automaton, don't be afraid to lay down some suppressive fire and watch those bullets find their mark.

Stratagem Practice

Tip: Prefer the liberty of a controller? No problem! Press [A] to get started.